Growing Women's Leadership in Rural and Indigenous Communities

At Rural American Indigenous Leadership (RAIL), we provide a community of support that inspires women to lead in new ways. RAIL has a host of resources, leadership training opportunities, and events for the rural women of our region. Indigenous women bring assets, opportunities and a worldview that are core to our mission of seeing balanced leadership. We embrace the diversity of women who walk through our doors. Explore our website to learn more about who we are. 

Leadership, Civic Engagement and Growth

Women are underrepresented in political leadership in the legislature, county boards and city councils, among other leadership arenas. We exist to grow our rural women's community. We offer leadership training, resources, support, and civic engagement opportunities to transport women in their personal leadership goals. 

Come in and see us. Our dedicated and supportive staff want to help you grow your leadership. 

Specialized Support and Networking with Women in Indigenous Communities

Women lead at higher rates in tribal communities and bring different cultural values. Women in indigenous and tribal communities have unique opportunities. We work to create systemic change in social, economic and political atmospheres. RAIL provides a wealth of resources and a safe space for women to practice and learn skills. Together, we make a positive change in each other’s life and the world around us.

Contact Us Today!

We are a non-profit organization serving women in Minnesota and surrounding regions. To get in touch with us, or to learn more about our leadership training and outreach programs, contact our office at (218) 749-3294 or come in and visit us at:

Rural and American Indigenous Leadership
P. O. Box 722
307 1st St. North Ste. 301
Virginia, MN 55792
Dedicated to women!
Call us at (218) 749-3294 today!
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