Leadership Training

Leadership Training For Women 

Women of all communities should have a voice. That's why we offer community outreach programs and specialized leadership training for all rural women in Minnesota and indigenous tribal communities. We promote social justice through building our communities. Join us, and learn more about our mission. Contact us at (218) 749-3294 today!
Group of women in MN

A Community of Support 

We understand the unique needs of indigenous and rural-based women. We founded our organization on a passion for promoting overall well-being and fostering leadership skills for women across Minnesota. Through our knowledgeable and widespread community of support, women of indigenous and rural communities can find the tools and relationships they need to succeed.

Networking for Women

At RAIL, we provide a community for women in rural areas and indigenous communities. Through community events, we provide space for women to develop their professional networks. 

Civic Engagement

Here at RAIL, it is our goal to see more women in positions of power throughout our community and the world. We work to empower women through community involvement and specialized leadership training. Today's women of indigenous communities and rural areas are tomorrow's leaders. Join and support us by calling (218) 749-3294 today!
For job training, community outreach programs, and networking for women, contact us at (218) 749-3294 today!
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